I started my career as a full-stack developer in 2019 via a bootcamp while living in my favourite city, Berlin. Now I work at the Financial Times in London, where I'm from, having spent some time working at a vet tech start-up and, after that, an agency that works primarily with third-sector clients.

My biggest interests in the web development space are HTML, CSS, JS and accessibility. This website exists because I wanted a space to tinker with all those things outside of work.

When I'm not in front of a computer I like to indulge my love of nature, building things, (trying not to buy) records and astanga yoga. In 2023 I'd like to finally manage a headstand without sending myself to A&E.

Things I've done

I was on a podcast with the charming lads from A Question of Code, admittedly quite a while ago now. This episode is about my experience of changing career via a bootcamp.

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine on how to structure your independent learning. I was talking about my experience of learning new things as a dev, but the advice I give can be applied to pretty much anything.